Monday, 10 November 2008

In the newspaper...

...but sadly I didn't know about it until afterwards!

Last Sunday, the Independent did a huge feature on Austerity, with dancing, gardening and interior design articles, as well as a big one about the forthcoming book that I modelled for, called A Stitch In Time. And there was a picture of me in it! Unfortunately, I had no idea it was coming out so I didn't buy a copy. I'm hoping to get hold of one though, and the article and the picture are online, so hooray for technology! It is only the back of my head but it's still a nice picture!

Read the article here and follow the links to all the others - there are some great ones there! Funnily enough, a reporter from the Independent emailed me a few weeks ago about an article on wartime fashion she wanted to do, I can only assume it was for that issue. However she changed her mind after a couple of emails back and forth, and decided to focus on interiors instead ... unfortunately the most vintage piece of furniture I have is from the late 90s! Oh well. However my chance might come again because on Saturday night I was actually snapped at a dance by a London Lite photographer for a piece on Lindy Hop, so look out for me in a Friday issue in a couple of weeks, Londoners!

I splurged on a lovely dress the other day, which I now won't be able to wear until next summer. But I couldn't resist, because I bought a very similar pinafore dress last year, which was much too small and short for me (wishful thinking on my part) and it got donated to my best friend. But with the exception of the fabric, this one is identical and it's my size! Hooray!

Finally, my work has decided to have a Bond themed Christmas party. We have to 'Dress to Kill" of course, but I feel I should dress as a particular Bond character, but which one? After my Mario costume adventure I am not averse to dragging it up either! Ooh, decisions!


  1. That is a love picture, actually! I can't wait for the book to come out and do some vintage knitting.

    As for Bond characters, here's a good list to get you started:

    and I would go as Oddjob (from Goldfinger) just because it would be funny ;)

    Have fun though, it's a clever idea for a party!!

  2. Congratulations, that's exciting! And your new dress is GORGEOUS. I am drooling. Can't wait to see you in it! :)

  3. This is funny, the article was written by the same girl who interviewed me a couple of weeks ago! She is really nice. Well done for having your photo there!


  4. Hii!! your style is amazing and your blog is now in my list(for a daily check)Bye!!!

  5. My Bond vote goes to Xenia Onatop - for a killer name and an even better latex / military look.

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