Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"I'm gonna live forever...!"

Fame! Well, sort of. I was actually in the London Lite newspaper on Friday, but unfortunately I had the afternoon off work and didn't pick up a copy. Luckily some lovely people saved me a copy, and the feature was put online. Behold!

I don't know that chap at all, he's just someone the photographer evidently decided looked cool and asked us to post together! You can read the article here. If only they had put my name! I also wish I could have been on the tube at rush hour in case anyone recognised me or did a double-take! Hee hee.

In other news, the demise of the not-so-Great British Pound has made me cry a little inside. Not before I bought a couple of things though, namely, my first ever Bakelite pieces! Not being an expert, I do hope they are genuine Bakelite. The pictures and the sellers' reputations do point to authenticity. And it doesn't matter hugely I suppose. They weren't vastly expensive, but neither were they suspiciously cheap!

Bangle from eBay

Earrings from Ruby Lane

I also bought a couple of things from my favourite eBay shop, Top Runway. I bought the Jessie Dress in dark green:

as modelled here by my fabulous friend Miss Matilda, and this skirt in the red 'tweedy' fabric:

which I hope will turn out well. Can't wait to get them ... next thing to worry about is Christmas. What's on everyone's wishlists?


  1. Hi,

    Amazing vintage bangle & earrings. Great colour... I have red hair... I adore green things...

    xoxo: Janet

  2. Yay, you look lovely! And I can't wait to see that Jessie dress on you.

  3. you look so great! love the pants!

    the dress sounds like a dream, i love green! post a pic when you get it

  4. Thats a beautiful dress you've bought - i may need to stuff that one away in the memory bank for a rainy day when i can try and recreate it myself :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lovely posting, can't wait to see you in that dress. I'm having another made in the spring in a different colour, I think the green will be perfect on you.

  7. I adore that dress and the pattern for the skirt. Are you going to make the skirt? I just found your blog and love it. Vintage girls unite!

  8. Tell me about the GBP/USD conversion! Shockingly bad for me and my situation!!!!!!!!!!!

    Christmas doesn't half come round quick... no idea! Patrick comes on the 24th so I think I got my wishlist sorted, unless someone wants to buy me and Addie a flight to th US

  9. You look lovely as usual.
    Your dace partner look a bit like he was posing for a nude magazine though. :))
    (The fierce and pervy look in his eyes.)

    Very nice finds.
    I love bakelite, resin and lucite.
    You can tell that it's real bakelite by rubbing the surface and if it smells a bit like oil you got the right stuff.

  10. Hello, I'm so pleased to have found your lovely blog! You have some great posts and lovely photos here!

    Take care,

    Mademoiselle M.

  11. Hey that's fantastic!! Looks like you had a fab time.

  12. Glamorous outfits indeed :)

    And I've gone totally crazy over that ebay shop now, oh my oh my...

  13. beautiful as always!
    your bracelet is surely Catalin. here's the Catalin website and you can see how it is made into swirly tubes that are cut into bracelets like yours:


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