Sunday, 30 November 2008

My modelling year - done!

Sorry for not updating in almost 2 weeks, I really don't know where the time goes. Since my last post I have been on a Yoga weekend in Sussex, followed by a rockabilly weekender, also in Sussex, but worlds apart in terms of activities! During the first weekend I ate mountains of delicious, organic, vegetarian food, doing yoga (of course!) and walking through the beautiful English countryside. The weather was marvellous and we covered over 12 miles in the space of two days. No pictures though... it wasn't my most glamorous weekend ever!

The following one though, was a very different story! I went to Rhythm Riot, my first ever weekender! I jived, lindied, jitterbugged, bopped and strolled my way through three days and nights of fabulous vintage shopping and fashion, and had an absolute blast! Was I ever exhausted by the end! I also did a bit of modelling with ace photographer Tony Rusecki, partly for Shona who makes fabulous repro fashions and partly for Rocket Originals who make lovely shoes and jumpers. They have me two jumpers to say thank you! Here's a preview, both of the shoot and of the jumpers. Watch this space for more!

Here are some more of my purchases from the weekend:
A lovely repro coat from La Riviera

Two pairs of shoes, both great for dancing. The red ones are from Rocket.

A fabulous pair of fruit earrings. I've wanted some like this for ages! So Carmen Miranda!

There are a couple of photos from the weekend - I look horribly shiny and sweaty in them!
Me, Natasha Hall the fabulous makeup artist and champion Lindy Hopper, Tony Rusecki, photographer extraordinare, and the gorgeous and wonderful Shona van Beers.
Shona and I, after much dancing!

Finally, and the meaning behind my blog title: I did my very last shoot of 2008 yesterday. What a year. I began 2008 as a novice model, with a mere two shoots under my belt, and ended it as a much more experienced and confident one, with 18(ish, I have lost count and too tired to work it out!) behind me. Just for fun, here's my favourite shot from my first shoot of 2008:

And here's the latest:

And that's a wrap, folks!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

"I'm gonna live forever...!"

Fame! Well, sort of. I was actually in the London Lite newspaper on Friday, but unfortunately I had the afternoon off work and didn't pick up a copy. Luckily some lovely people saved me a copy, and the feature was put online. Behold!

I don't know that chap at all, he's just someone the photographer evidently decided looked cool and asked us to post together! You can read the article here. If only they had put my name! I also wish I could have been on the tube at rush hour in case anyone recognised me or did a double-take! Hee hee.

In other news, the demise of the not-so-Great British Pound has made me cry a little inside. Not before I bought a couple of things though, namely, my first ever Bakelite pieces! Not being an expert, I do hope they are genuine Bakelite. The pictures and the sellers' reputations do point to authenticity. And it doesn't matter hugely I suppose. They weren't vastly expensive, but neither were they suspiciously cheap!

Bangle from eBay

Earrings from Ruby Lane

I also bought a couple of things from my favourite eBay shop, Top Runway. I bought the Jessie Dress in dark green:

as modelled here by my fabulous friend Miss Matilda, and this skirt in the red 'tweedy' fabric:

which I hope will turn out well. Can't wait to get them ... next thing to worry about is Christmas. What's on everyone's wishlists?

Monday, 10 November 2008

In the newspaper...

...but sadly I didn't know about it until afterwards!

Last Sunday, the Independent did a huge feature on Austerity, with dancing, gardening and interior design articles, as well as a big one about the forthcoming book that I modelled for, called A Stitch In Time. And there was a picture of me in it! Unfortunately, I had no idea it was coming out so I didn't buy a copy. I'm hoping to get hold of one though, and the article and the picture are online, so hooray for technology! It is only the back of my head but it's still a nice picture!

Read the article here and follow the links to all the others - there are some great ones there! Funnily enough, a reporter from the Independent emailed me a few weeks ago about an article on wartime fashion she wanted to do, I can only assume it was for that issue. However she changed her mind after a couple of emails back and forth, and decided to focus on interiors instead ... unfortunately the most vintage piece of furniture I have is from the late 90s! Oh well. However my chance might come again because on Saturday night I was actually snapped at a dance by a London Lite photographer for a piece on Lindy Hop, so look out for me in a Friday issue in a couple of weeks, Londoners!

I splurged on a lovely dress the other day, which I now won't be able to wear until next summer. But I couldn't resist, because I bought a very similar pinafore dress last year, which was much too small and short for me (wishful thinking on my part) and it got donated to my best friend. But with the exception of the fabric, this one is identical and it's my size! Hooray!

Finally, my work has decided to have a Bond themed Christmas party. We have to 'Dress to Kill" of course, but I feel I should dress as a particular Bond character, but which one? After my Mario costume adventure I am not averse to dragging it up either! Ooh, decisions!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Busy busy busy!

Dear all,

Sorry I haven't updated in ages, since I returned from holiday, work's been mad and I have been exhausted! Staying up super late to watch the election was probably not the best idea, but what a night! I've been on a real high ever since!

Did everyone have a wonderful Halloween? I went to a Hawaiian-themed night called Hulaween, and got dressed up for the occasion (though not in a Hawaiian outfit, oh no!). I was Super Mario(n)! I now want to start my own plumbing company and drive around in a vintage truck wearing my fab overalls!

Good plan huh?

I haven't had any shoots since the last one, though I am super excited because I'm going to Rhythm Riot in a couple of weeks' time. It's a rock 'n' roll weekender held on the coast, and though it's bound to be chilly, there will be lots of dancing and socialising to warm me up! While I'm there I'm having a shoot with Tony Nylons of The Casting Couch fame, which should be fabulous. I'm also off for a weekend of yoga and relaxation with my best friend next Friday, which I am so looking forward to.

I've now twice been awarded the I Love Your Blog Award, once by the lovely Pretty Little Pictures aka the paper doll and once by the fabulously stylish Super Kawaii Mama. I will make my next post a proper passing on of this award to my favourite blogs out there. Thanks to both of those wonderful ladies!

I leave you with one more picture from my last shoot.

Thank you so much to all that have voted for me in the 21st Century Pinups Contest. The comp is still running for another 2 weeks or so, then the top 4 from each category go into a final round, with all previous votes counting towards the total. So please forgive me for mentioning it again, but if you haven't voted already, please do! If you think I am the best in my category of course....

Bye for now!


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