Thursday, 18 September 2008

More tea!

After spending 27 years of my life and never having had Afternoon Tea, I have managed to notch up two in one month! This time it was for my lovely friend and mother-to-be Sophie Jonas's birthday. I've not known Sophie a hugely long time, she is a designer, and we met in December when I was modelling some of her creations in a fashion show. After that, she asked me to be a Brunch Belle at her monthly Burlesque Brunch, which involved me swanning around in not much at all, entertaining guests who were tucking into a full English before some real burlesque starlets put on a show. It was enormous fun, and I hope it continues after she's had her baby and recovered!

Here are some examples of Sophie's creations! Possibly NSFW...depends on where you work! They're all in my Fashion Shows folder on Myspace.

Anyway, her partner Andy wanted us to come to tea as a birthday surprise for Sophie, and a lovely day was had by all. After tea we had a wander down to the Thames festival and came over all touristy! I have never done some of the touristy things in London, even though I've lived nearby all my life. We also stumbled on the set of Dorian Gray! Here are a couple of pics, you can see the rest on my Flickr.

1. , 2. , 3. , 4. , 5. , 6. , 7. , 8. , 9.

Fleur xx


  1. Oh, you look so pretty at the afternoon tea! And so do all your friends - what stylish ladies.

  2. did you see colin firth?!?!? yummy

  3. Stellar, just stellar! You look amazing and what a fun time it must have been. The outfits are divine and that green is just perfect on you. (The perfect rack helps too) ;)

  4. Hiya Fleur! Just stopping by and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your blog.
    You look absolutely smashing in all of your photos!

    The new outfits look SO cute.


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