Monday, 18 August 2008

Weddings part 1

This summer has been a whirlwind of wedding and hen parties. I feel like I am now sufficiently experienced to be able to start up my own business as a freelance professional wedding guest. I promise to turn up impeccably dressed and coiffed, bearing a tasteful card and will abstain from excessive drinking. I will also dance a fair amount, ensuring others get up on the floor. Any takers? ;)

Three weeks ago, saw the wedding of my very good friend Jo. She asked me if I would do her hair for the occasion, and despite having never done hair on anyone else, I am always up for a challenge so I agreed. I went up the night before and set it all, hoping and praying it would turn out nicely. And it did! Or at least, I thought so.

I also recently bought my very first 'proper' camera, and used Jo's wedding as an excuse to practice taking photos, and generally learning how to use it.

Some shots of the lovely bride and groom:

Jo and Steve


Jo and I

For the occasion, I wore one of my favourite dresses, which I think is from the late 40s or so, and was deadstock when I bought it. It didn't have a proper label, only a paper size one which dissolved in the wash. It's actually a house-dress which wraps around, but let's face it, vintage house-dresses are nicer than most modern party dresses! I set my hair using my usual sponge rollers, but put a big faux bang in the front, using a rat. I think it turned out well, too!

Jo gave me a beautiful pair of vintage earrings as a thank-you - you can see them in the above photo!

They had a lovely cupcake-wedding cake, all beautifully decorated by Steve's mum and sisters. Deelicious!

Om nom.

A more perfect couple there never was! Except, perhaps, for Stacey and Simon! Here are Stacey and Simon at Jo's wedding:

Simon told me that was his "wedding photo face". They got married on Saturday, and you will be glad to hear he didn't pull it in his own wedding photos! I will write a whole separate blog about them shortly. :)


  1. your bangs is great, so smooth. what brands of products do you use? i always have trouble getting mine faux bang to look smooth.

    mmm cupcakes!

  2. Thank you! I usually just spray it with a load of Tresemme hairspray to glue it down, but if it's particularly frizzy I use black and White's pomade!

    They were very tasty!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I also have trouble with frizz. I've heard of girls who use brylcreeme and pomade. I've always belived that it was only for the guys :D

  4. wich Tresemme spray do you use?

  5. I use the Freeze-hold spray, but I also use the curl-defining mousse. I find they make a winning combination!

  6. Thank you! I'm gonna try and find some.

    And your green trousers a post below, where are they from?

  7. Sorry, I forgot you'd asked that! They are actually from a lady called Shona who has a sort-of website, but no trousers on there: you can email her to ask about them though!

  8. Those cupcakes are to die for... so cute I don't get how anyone could eat them :)


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