Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bathing Beauties!

So, a short while ago, while it was still summer in the UK, I went down to Folkestone to take part in a fantastic Bathing Beauties Parade. We were all supposed to be competing for the title of 'Miss Club Shepway 2008', but actually it was all pre-arranged, and we all took home a title. The other girls were mostly burlesque artistes and therefore had way more skills than a lowly poseur like me!

From left to right, the ladies are Dangerous Dolly, yours truly, Precious Isis, Alaska Blue, Miss Golden de Licious, Veronika Valentine, Miss Ivy Paige and Debra Decay. Our fantastic suits were made by Lady Lucie, she is such a doll, and so very talented.

Here's the moment just after I got crowned "Miss Leas if You Please" and received my tiara and sash!

Our Tiaras were made by Floozey hats, another talented lady. I also had this fantastic fake ice cream made by one Simon Kennedy, who makes super burlesque props (like gigantic tea-cups and cakes), and I got to keep that in addition to my custom swimsuit and my tiara! Woo hoo!

Here are a few more pics from the day.

More are on my Myspace page.

There's even a video!

I also have received a number of shots back from a shoot I did at a lovely old manor house hotel in darkest Hampshire. There were some lovely locations inside it as you will see!

Hair's a bit wonky in this one! By Sean Kelly

Voyeur! By John Evans

Also by John!

Oh and one final one! My favourite!

Some more wedding-y updates to follow!


  1. you look stunning on every picture!

    i neeed to know, where did you get your green trousers from? i'm in love!

  2. Okay, I need to know too. I want those green trousers! Fabulous work M'lady.

  3. Stunning pictures!

    You jump out of that line-up of beauties, I think. My eyes went straight to you!

  4. Beautiful photos - I especially love the red paisley dress. You wear it well!

  5. Love the red dress in that last one! But I especially love your white platform shoes. And the snood.


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